EVAC24 is our platform that caters for all accidental emergency evacuation from local to cross border. They will arrange the closest ambulance to be dispatched. The limitation of having one provider is eradicated as they run an aggregation platform whereby they are linked to all the major service providers. By saving time they are able to save lives. They’ll cover accidental evacuation costs up to R100,000. They’ll spare no expense in order to save lives. With over 2000 linked providers, they are market leaders in accidental evacuation and guaranteed acceptance into Hospital, even if you don’t have a medical aid.

Get your Staff, family, or yourself access to the very best accidental emergency medical support & evacuation.

The AD FREE, POPIA COMPLIANT APP connects you to their call centres 24/7/365.

GENRIC Insurance

GENRIC Insurance Company is a market leader focused on bringing innovative and niche insurance solutions to market by partnering with specialist underwriting management agencies (UMAs), start-up businesses, insuretech innovators and brokers. We know that past successes don’t always guarantee future success in today’s evolving risk landscape. This is why we continue to innovate our business model by working with specialist partners to bring unique insurance solutions to market that solve pressing risk challenges.

GENRIC’s commitment to the provision of quality risk solutions is made possible through our strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations that assist us in achieving these goals.

Automobile Association

For over 80 years, the AA South Africa have provided roadside rescue and security, so you know you can rely on the Automobile Association day and night. Through our association with the AA, we aim to empower you as a road user and add value to your life with our Roadside Assistance service available via the EVAC24 Assist App activated for subscribers. The service is available 24/7/365 as long as subscriptions are current and remain in good standing. Roadside Assist by the AA covers all major cities and is limited to up to 60 km from the major city.